Forever crying over the fictional
I apologise for my blog
Me: *sees book store* *looks to friend* *shuffles towards bookstore*
Friend: no.


forgetting to save before a boss battle but end up beating them first try



a cute





The whole film took me altogether about 5 grueling months (usually 10-12hours a day) to do. I often felt my butt was going to grow into the chair I usually sat at. 

Please note that this was simply my way of doing my film to achieve the soft-shaded style I wanted; there are many other ways of doing this and some are a lot faster with different results~! :)

This tut differs a bit from my dA version, because tumblr lets me put the combination of gifs and jpegs :D. 

Here’s a book that will really help you start animating:

here’s some books that are good for composition, storytelling and colours:

I hope these helped

I ask that no one removes the credit or source for this tutorial/guide please. thanks :)

And this is a keeper!  No doubt about that!  :)

I’m just gonna put this one on standby

for when I start my senior film!


I will always reblog this whenever it appears in my dashboard.


Please take a moment to imagine Death the Kid trying to play Tetris.


Name: Tehya
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual


Food: italian
Drink: lemon iced tea
Book: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Skulduggery Pleasant, Ranger’s Apprentice (a lot more)
Author: Derek Landy
Song: Citezen/Soldier - 3 Doors Down, Monsters - Something for Kate
Movie: Sucker Punch (there are others but…)
TV Show: Veronica Mars, Warehouse 13, um idk
Band/group: 3 Doors Down
Solo Artist: don’t really have one
Place: My Room
Sport: None
Male Actor: umm
Female Actor: ummm


Best Friends: Um idk if any of my friend are best friends…
Siblings: 1 brother

Dream Job: Author idk
Languages: English


Reason Behind URL: Kanaya’s blood is jade and she glows like a light bulb
# of Posts: 35, 133
Why You Joined: A friend made me
First URL:  peridot13
# of Blogs: 2

for all the aussies out there…


i really want to do an experiment here. 

please like and reblog if you want us to go to an election and get rid of Tony Abbot. 

cos this guy is killing our country. 


i type with no punctuation because i want to write sentences so long that people will run out of breath reading it and suffocate